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Live your passion

Pikomit is a platform whose goal is to bring together enthusiasts. Whether it is a manga, a video game, a series, a sport or a type of music. Pikomit is a social network focused on your hobby !

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We don't monitor what you do.None of your personal data is sold. Pikomit does not use trackers to adjust advertising or to track your browsing history.Surf the network with peace of mind !

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Easy to use

Simple to use, from design to creation. pikomit has been created for an optimal user experience. Create, love, share a komit, article or wiki in the best way.

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A komit is a short message that you publish in your passion. Choose between text, photo, gif, video, music, poll, top, quiz, article or wiki. Share and react to the latest news about your favourite passions.

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With the articles, discuss and describe a topic about your passion that is close to your heart.

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Make donations and sell your creations

It is essential for us that passionate content creator can live from their passion. This is why Pikomit offers the possibility to make donations and allows the most creative users to sell their products.

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Create and participate in events of your passion. Attend conferences, gatherings of enthusiasts and make new friends.

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In collaboration with wikipedia and web source, create and modify wiki on different elements of your passions and mention them on your komit and article to support your arguments.

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Share your content

Are you a creator? Integrate your YouTube videos, music, messages from other social networks, and site content. Unlike other sites that divide, we want to bring together the best Web tools in one place to share and evolve your content.